Submit Your Data

Completed vernal pool monitoring data forms (one data form for each monitoring visit per pool please) and labelled photos should be submitted by mail (hard copies or on a flash drive) or electronically (e.g., by email or uploading to Googe Drive) to your local Vernal Pool program coordinator or to the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI) at the address below by October 31.

If you are an educator participating in the K-12 Vernal Pool Patrol program, completed data forms (one form for each monitoring visit per pool) and labelled photos should be submitted to MNFI either by mail or electronically by June 30. 

We also ask that you or your students enter your data for each monitoring visit into an online database using this link:  Please only make one data entry for each monitoring visit per pool. You might need to combine data from multiple forms for each monitoring visit to a pool before entering the data into the online database.  You can view and download the data for analysis and summary using this link:

You can send completed data forms and photos to Michigan Natural Features Inventory, c/o Michigan Vernal Pool Patrol/Yu Man Lee, P.O. Box 13036, Lansing, MI 48901-3036.

Please contact your local Vernal Pool Patrol program coordinator and/or MNFI to confirm how you should submit your data if you are uncertain or have any questions.

Please contact the following MNFI staff if you have any questions:
Yu Man Lee at, 517-284-6201
Daria Hyde at, 517-284-6189