2023 Annual Meeting Resources 

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Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership 2023 Highlights


Local Wetland Protection - Kate Kirkpatrick, EGLE

  • See timecode 36:55
  • Kate's powerpoint: Filling the Gaps in Wetland Protection
  • Learn more about tools and resources available that local communities can use to protect small wetlands like vernal pools 
  • Questions for Kate? Email kirkpatrickk3@michigan.gov  


Protecting Michigan Herpetofauna Through the Herp HAT Assessment Tool and Best Management Practices - Dave Mifsud, Herpetological Resource Management 


Identification of Great Lakes Vernal Pools with Multi-Source Remote Sensing - Mike Battaglia, Michigan Tech Research Institute

  • See timecode 1:31:20
  • Questions for Mike? Email mjbattag@mtu.edu


Habitat Needs of Blue-Spotted Salamanders and Unisexual Salamanders - Dr. Kris Hoffman, St. Lawrence University

  • See timecode 2:01:44
  • Questions for Kris? Email khoffman@stlawu.edu


Engaging Educators in Vernal Pool Learning and Lessons - Brandon Schroder, Michigan Sea Grant

  • See timecode 2:31:43
  • Asynchronous module for teachers on vernal pools, here 
  • Questions for Brandon? Email schroe45@msu.edu


John Ball Zoo Turtle Road Mortality Project - Travis Kurtz, John Ball Zoo

  • See timecode 12:44:01
  • Travis's powerpoint
  • If you are interested in getting involved, please email Travis at tkurtz@jbzoo.org


INaturalist and Rare Species - Tony Henehan from MI DNR

  • See timecode 2:56:00
  • Tony's powerpoint
  • View the DNR's INaturalist project here
  • Instructions on how to join the project here
  • Questions for Tony? Email henehant@michigan.gov


Vernal Pool Patrol 2023 Overview and Volunteer/Coordinator Perspectives

  • See timecode 3:08:00
  • View powerpoint
  • Pool Patrol questions? Email Courtney (rosscour@msu.ed) or Nicolette (nicolette.sexton@affiliate.msu.edu) 


End of Meeting Q&A session


For any additional materials, please email Abby at apointer@michigannature.org