Seeking Vernal Pool Partnership Coordinator

April 20, 2022

The Michigan Nature Association, a co-leader of the Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership, is hiring a Vernal Pool Partnership Coordinator. We seek an organizer and coalition builder who possesses excellent communication skills and a solid background in environmental science to fill this new, full-time position. The Coordinator will 1) facilitate the Michigan Vernal Pool Partnership, a statewide pa

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New Video Explores

New Video Explores Vernal Pools

March 7, 2022

The Michigan Nature Association, a Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership (MVPP) partner, in collaboration with the award-winning film crew of Fauna Creative, produced a new video called Ephemeral that captures the magic of vernal pools and some of the seldom-seen animals that rely on them. Watch the video here or at the link below. You can also learn more at the MVPP website,, where

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