Our Mission

The mission of the Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership is to increase awareness, understanding and protection of vernal pools through conservation, research & mapping, education & outreach and collaboration.



  • Conservation: Encourage vernal pool conservation through local and state measures.
  • Research & Mapping: Understand the status, distribution and ecology of vernal pools to best inform conservation measures.
  • Education & Outreach: Improve awareness, understanding and engagement of land managers, educators, and other targeted audiences to increase effective conservation of vernal pools across Michigan.
  • Collaboration & Coordination: Leverage the experience, expertise and resources of partner organizations and others to maximize impact and accelerate progress.


Governance/Strategic Plan

Find out more about the work of the Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership by viewing our current strategic plan and governance document.

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MVPP 2018 Strategic Plan View/Download
MVPP Mission and Governance View/Download