Vernal Pool Patrol


Little information is currently available on the status, distribution, and ecology of vernal pools in Michigan.  This information is needed to effectively manage and protect these unique and important wetlands.  The Vernal Pool Patrol is a statewide vernal pool mapping and monitoring program that was launched in 2012 to help address this need. This program relies on citizen scientists, educators, students, and community partners to help identify and map locations of vernal pools in their local communities, and collect information about them, following a standard protocol. The information collected in the field will be added to a statewide vernal pool database, which can be used by a variety of stakeholders to assess and track the status and distribution of vernal pools, and to manage and protect these important wetlands in Michigan.


The Vernal Pool Patrol needs your help!  We are looking for citizen scientists of all ages and backgrounds to help us get more information about vernal pools in Michigan!  If you would like to learn more about these fascinating wetlands, and enjoy spending time outside in nature and participating in science and conservation, this program is for you! Training will be provided!


The Vernal Pool Patrol is coordinated by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI), a program of Michigan State University Extension and a partner of the Michigan Vernal Pool Partnership. To learn more about the Vernal Pool Patrol and how you can get involved, please contact Yu Man Lee or Daria Hyde with MNFI.