Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015

MNA's Wildflower Walkabout is a series of guided tours through nature sanctuaries across Michigan boasting spectacular wildflower displays. Each sanctuary was chosen for its unique wildflowers, and each trip is planned during the time when the sanctuary's wildflowers will be best displayed for viewing and photographing. 

We hope you'll join us on one (or several) of these tours across the state! If you'd like more information about any of these events, please contact MNA at 866-223-2231


Wildflower Walkabout Schedule:

May 9: Dowagiac Woods Nature Sanctuary
9 a.m. to noon – Cass County, near Dowagiac
May is prime time to see the wildflower in bloom at Dowagiac Woods Nature Sanctuary! Join us for a wildflower walk through the sanctuary.
Contact: John Bagley,

May 23: Karner Blue Nature Sanctuary
3 p.m to 5 p.m. – Newaygo County, near Newaygo
Come explore this beatiful sanctuary with stewards Randy Butters and Sarah Pregitzer and view the amazing wildflowers that live in this oak savanna community. We might even get to see the sanctuary's namesake butterfly.
Contact: John Bagley, 

May 30: Morris Bay and Peter Memorial Nature Sanctuary
10 a.m. – Alpena County, near Alpena
Surround yourself with dwarf lake iris, bird's eye primrose and other treasures as we explore two stunning sites just a few miles apart: Peter Memorial Nature Sanctuary along the shore of Grass Lake and the new Morris Bay Nature Sanctuary along the coast of Lake Huron. Parking is limited so please make sure to RSVP. Waterproof footwear is recommended for this hike.
Contact: Natalie Kent-Norkowski,

June 6: Goose Creek Grasslands Nature Sanctuary
10 a.m. to noon – Lenawee County, near Cement City
Enjoy a stunning array of spring wildflowers as we wander through this picturesque prairie fen along the meandering Goose Creek. We will discuss how various management techniques, including prescribed fire, have been used to combat glossy buckthorn and other fen invaders at the sanctuary. Rubber boots are recommended for this hike.
Contact: Rachel Maranto,

June 6: Black River Nature Sanctuary 
1 p.m. – Van Buren County, near Bangor
Get a chance to see crystal clear sandy rivulets and creeks form at the feet of 35' Hemlock and Beech trees. This is a rare opportunity to visit 100 acre gem, which is known as the highest quality natural area in the Black River watershed.
Contact: John Bagley, 

June 13: Echo Lake Nature Sanctuary
11 a.m. – Marquette County, near Marquette
Enjoy spectacular views of Lake Superior and Echo Lake as we explore the flora of this unique sanctuary. Rugged, off-trail walking will be involved as we traverse the landscape and seek out habitats including granitic outcrops, wetlands, and forest. A variety of common and unusual plants will be seen and discussed.
Contact: Adrienne Bozic, 

July 7: Fred Dye Nature Sanctuary
2:30 p.m. – Mackinac County, near Moran
A prairie in the U.P.? Come visit the karst features and disjunct coneflower population at this out-of-place prairie pocket. Additional flowers making their home here include blue-eyed grass, wild bergamot, pale spike lobelia, fringed gentian, many asters and goldenrods.
Contact: Adrienne Bozic, 

August 15: Lost Lake Nature Sanctuary 
10 a.m. – Ogemaw County, near the Rifle River State Recreation Area
Join steward, Paul Messing, for an off-trail adventure through a cedar swamp, quaking mat, and streamside marsh. This is a strenuous hike over uneven terrain, but efforts will be rewarded by the unique display of colorful late summer wildflowers. Waterproof boots are recommended.
Contact: Natalie Kent-Norkowski,

August 15: Newaygo Prairie Nature Sanctuary 
10:30 a.m. – Newaygo County, near Newaygo
Come see the different Blazing Star species at their peak, Prickly Pear cactus, four species of milkweed, False Foxglove, many Aster's, and beautiful grasses that compose Newaygo Prairie. We will plan a picnic lunch on the prairie.
Contact: John Bagley,

August 23: Butternut Creek Nature Sanctuary
Noon – Van Buren County, near Watervilet
A sanctuary that stands out for is floristic diversity and it will be at it's peak in late August. We will plan on meeting for a picnic lunch at 12 noon, and tour the sanctuary afterwords. We will walk the unit that was burned this spring to see how it responded on adjacent Four Macomb Ladies Nature Sanctuary, as well as parts of Butternut Creek.
Contact: John Bagley, 

August 29: Clifford R. and Calla C. Burr Memorial Nature Sanctuary
10 a.m. to noon – Oakland County, near Holly
Enjoy the diverse community of late summer prairie wildflowers at this tiny gem of a sanctuary in North Oakland County.
Contact: Rachel Maranto,

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